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This term, our writing genres are: 

  • Instructions
  • Narrative
  • Description
  • Poetry


We will be using this as a focus for our writing:


Writing Expectations for writing in Year 1: 


1. Uses capital letters for days of the week, people, places and personal pronoun ‘I’ .

2. Begin to use capital letter, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

3. Combine words to make sentences.

4. Leave spaces between words.

5. Join words and clauses using ‘and’ (e.g. He had a black and white cat. e.g. They went to the park and they had a picnic)

6. Write for a range of audience and purpose, selecting the appropriate form (e.g. lists, labels, captions)

7. Write sentences to form a short piece of writing (e.g. narrative, recount, instructions, report)

8. Begin to make phonic attempts at words using the first 40 phonemes.

9. Apply Year 1 school spelling rules across independent writing.

10. Spell some common exception words.

11. Begin to form lower and upper case letters correctly, in the right direction, starting and finishing in the right place.

12. Form digits 0-9.