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July 23


Special Visit by Emma Wilson from Lashes Foundation to Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors!

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors received a special visit from Treasurer, Emma Wilson from the Lashes Foundation! It was a great opportunity for our ambassadors to showcase the wonderful project they have set up with the support of our local community.


What's the "Happy to Chat" Scheme?

Our "Happy to Chat" scheme is all about fostering open conversations and support among our students. The ambassadors have been working tirelessly to create a safe space where students can come together, share their thoughts, and find help when needed. It's a platform for kindness, empathy, and friendship.


Emma Wilson, a champion for anti-bullying efforts, was truly impressed by the dedication and passion of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. She had the chance to see firsthand how they are making a difference in our school community. During her visit, our ambassadors had the opportunity to discuss their roles, share their experiences, and explain how the "Happy to Chat" scheme has already made a positive impact.