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Curriculum Intent

Here at Flying High Academy Ladybrook, the curriculum is designed to: enable children to reach their full potential by developing a love of learning and a desire to succeed, provide a rich, supportive and stimulating environment and an atmosphere of mutual respect, allow the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers.  We seek to provide a broad, balanced curriculum and offer a wide range of exciting, challenging activities and experiences to all pupils on which to lay a firm foundation for future learning. 


Though three key drivers of CitizenshipEnvironment and Innovation we aim to meet the needs of our children in the community we serve. We value our school pledges of RespectCreativityPerseveranceFunPrideResponsibilityConfidence and Aspiration and seek to nurture these qualities in the children within our care.   



We aim to develop our young people into mature, responsible global citizens of the 21st century.  Developing as individuals with a sense of belonging to our school community.  We enable them to develop positive relationships and respect difference. They develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibilities.  We open their eyes to life beyond Ladybrook and into the wider world and how they can play their part as an active citizen.   



We seek to enrich the awareness of our young people by educating them in, about and for the environment.  Environmental education helps to foster caring responsibly attitudes and inspires them to take action in order to live more sustainably.  It can also develop their sense of identity and pride in their local environment and community. It not only covers the natural world and ‘green’ issues, but also the ‘built’ environment. 



21st century education needs to prepare young people for jobs that don’t exist yet, using technologies that haven’t even been invented, for which competition will be global. We aim to develop resilient learners who are able to make mistakes and learn from them. And to be flexible learners, ready to use different learning strategies to navigate and adapt to a rapidly changing world.  We provide opportunities to become collaborative problem-solvers, investigators and inventors.  Children are supported to publically present their work to their peers, their families and the wider world.   

For further information about the Curriculum here at The Flying High Academy, please find the Curriculum Policy in the Policies folder below: 

Curriculum: PSHCE (Sex & Relationships Education and Drug Awareness)


For further information about The Sex & Relationships Curriculum and Drug Awareness here at The Flying High Academy, please find the Policies in the Policies folder below: