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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher and Senior DSL: Mrs K. Chadburn

Deputy Headteacher: Miss E. Scarborough

Director of Standards and DDSL: Mr J. Emmens

EYFS Lead and DDSL: Mrs L. Broadley

SENDCO and DDSL: Miss C. Beaumount


Class Teachers

F1: Miss R. Harrison 

F2: Mrs L. Broadley, Mrs Z.Morris and Mrs D. Hancock 

Year 1: Miss S. Hurst and Miss S. Islam

Year 2: Miss M. Brough and Miss M. Sharp

Year 3: Miss V. Sudnik and Miss B Pitchford

Year 4: Miss O. Caputa and Miss G. Curtis

Year 5: Miss A. Calpin  and Miss A. Self

Year 6: Mr R. Hughes, Miss L. Speelman and Mr J.Emmens


Tutor: Mrs E.Mitchell


Teaching Assistants

F1: Miss K. Pepper, Mrs L. Newton, Mrs T.Shaw

F2: Mrs M. Froggatt, Mrs K. Layton and Mrs R. Gravell

Year 1: Miss E. Rosindell  Mrs K. Metcalfe  Mrs T.Shaw and Mrs L. Watkinson 

Year 2: Miss L. Jubb and Mrs K. Wilson

Year 3: Mr T. Need, Mrs L.Taylor and Miss M. Sygrove

Year 4: Miss T.Lockley and Miss M. Young

Year 5: Mrs V. Jackson and Mrs S. Haynes

Year 6: Mrs R. Wright and Mrs J. Young


Child and Family Support Worker and DDSL: Miss G. Sergeant

Sport's Coach and Lead TA: Mr J. Gillespie

Pastoral Lead: Mrs L. Newton


School Business Manager and DDSL: Mrs C. Wall

Finance Officer: Mrs J. Fox

Attendance Officer and DDSL: Mrs J. Adams

Clerical officer/ Midday lead: Mrs N. Lingard


Site Manager: Mr K. Denman


Midday Team 

Senior Midday: Mrs L. King and Mrs N. Lingard
Middays: Miss S. Priest, Mrs S. Knowles, Miss A. Gregg, Mrs J. Spalding, Miss C. Devlin, Mrs E. Brandrick, Miss T. Snowdon.

Play Leader: Miss V. Jackson, Miss T Kendall, Mrs M Hayes, Miss B Owen.


Cleaning Team 


Cleaner in Charge: Miss S. Priest 
Cleaners: Miss C. Devlin, Mrs S. Knowles, Mrs R. Sheil, Mrs J.Slack, Miss M. Dallison.