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Playground Buddies

Playground Buddy Scheme

Our Playground Buddy Scheme is a program where students take on the role of Playground Buddies, dedicated to making the school playground a friendly and welcoming place. They are there to support their peers, ensure that everyone has someone to play with, and help prevent and address any playground-related concerns.


  1. Inclusivity: We believe that every child should feel included and valued during their time at school. The Playground Buddy Scheme helps ensure that no one is left out and that everyone has a chance to enjoy recess.

  2. Friendship: Our Playground Buddies promote friendship and teamwork. They organize games, encourage collaboration, and provide a caring and approachable presence on the playground.

  3. Bullying Prevention: Playground Buddies are trained to spot and address any instances of bullying or unkind behavior, making the playground a safer space for all.


Happy to Chat Scheme

June 2023, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors wrote to local charities about a project that they wanted to implement at FHAL. We received funding from a local charity, Lashes Foundation which enabled us to begin our project 'Happy to Chat'. Following further support from B&Q, Mansfield Building Society and Ultimate Print our vision became reality. 


Our Playground Buddies are now going to support Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in this scheme to: 

🤗 Foster kindness and inclusivity 

🤝 Prevent and address bullying

 🙌 Encourage teamwork and friendship 

👂 Provide a support system for students who need it 

🌈 Create a happier and more positive school experience