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Home Learning

What is home learning?


Home learning is provided weekly as an opportunity for children to catch up with missed learning and keep up with challenging learning.


Each week an activity will be uploaded onto Seesaw which includes videos to support the learning for the week ahead and activities for Maths, Spelling, English and Enquiry.


Children are expected to read to someone at least 4 times for 15 minutes each week - this really is needed to help them with their writing, spellings and reading levels.


In addition to this a Creative Topic Home Learning task will still be set as an extension, running for the term.


How can I help at home?


You can support your child by asking them what they have been doing in class and encouraging them to do the activities set on Seesaw. 

Multiplication tables are vitally important in year 6 and can be practised anywhere - on the way to and from school or during the adverts! Children need to know tables up to 12 x 12 - rapid recall is best!