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Phonics in Year 1


In year 1 we have a 45 minute phonics lesson everyday. In this lesson we focus on learning the alphabetic code which helps us to decode words when reading. Phonics is such a vital part of year 1 as it gives children the opportunity to become fluent readers and enjoy reading for themselves. 


During the phonics sessions, the children are prepared for the phonics screening check which happens in Year 1 after the may half term. During the check the children are asked to read (decode) 40 words, most of these words are real words but some are pseudo-words. This ensures that children are using their decoding skills and not just relying on their memory of words they’ve read before.


Reading at home


It is really important children are getting the chance to read at home in order to practise their reading skills they are learning in daily lessons. Children practise reading a decodable book at school for one week. This is then sent home, on a Friday, for the children to read at home for one week. We hope that this improves the children's confidence and enjoyment when reading at home. The children also take home one book that they have chosen from the reading corner to enjoy with an adult. These are also changed on a Friday each week.