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Pupil recommendations

Book review by Archie: Year 6



Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Meltdown

Author: Jeff Kinney.


I recommend this book to children aged 9 or over because it is about a child who is becoming a teenager . This book is absolutely hilarious and interesting because the books keeps you hooked to it by building suspense and it is about a boy in middle school and becoming a teenager who is going into high school it builds suspense by leaving cliff hangers.

Book review by Katrina: Year 6



Name: Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang

Author: Laura Ellen Anderson


I really love this book because it’s all about books! Amelia had to make a story FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! But then she had no ideas left for the story... Amelia and her best friend had gone to the library for some inspiration to only to find the treacherous bookworms munching on all the books!!! Can Amelia save the books before they are gone FOREVER!!!!

Book review by Amy: Year 5



The Amazing Edie Eckhart By Rosie Jones

Edie is an 11-year old who has cerebral palsy. When she starts secondary school, she and her best friend Oscar are separated she doesn't know what to do. I like this book because it's really fun and funny.

Book review by Jennifer: Year 6


Diary of a wimpy Kid:  Hard Luck  by Jeff Kinney


I recommend this book for children aged 8 to 12 as it is hilarious, weird and relatable as the main character is coming to the end of middle school [ for us that's year 4 to year 7]. The main character is facing dramatical bad luck and losing all his friends .

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books always end on cliff-hangers and is very funny .


Book review by Paige: Year 6


Book: The Twins of Auschwitz

Author: Eva Mozes Kor


I recommend this book for the people who like things based on war horror or anything related to the Second World War. This book is one of my personal best as this book is about two young, Jewish twins who are sent to Auschwitz and set to the lab to be tested. This book is based off a true story of a woman called Eva Mozes Kor who was sent to the labour camp with her twin sister, Miriam. This book is based in the time between 1940-1945 where the German ''camp'' was still in use and used for the most terrible things. This book is a horror, mostly to do with the fact on how the girls lived in Auschwitz. These girls were only 10.