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Helping at home

In Foundation 1 we work really hard on our name writing and celebrate super star name writers who can write their names without their name cards, forming all the letters correctly. One of the best ways you can help your child is to practice writing their names and forming the letters as often as possible. 


We also do Maths activities daily. We will do lots of counting and number recognition practice. We will have a number of the week. 


You can help at home by doing lots of counting too. You count objects around the house, steps, jumps etc. You could also try and spot numbers in their environment (on cars, around the house, door numbers) and talk about these.


We use the rhymes below to help us with recognise numbers. 


Each day we do a phonics session. We play lots of games to help with our phonics. 

Here are some useful websites and a list of activities you could try at home.



Physical Education
Please also help your child to be as independent as possible in things like getting dressed. Getting dressed themselves means that they can start PE sessions and the lessons following PE swiftly. The more responsibility they can take for this the less items of clothing that go missing too!