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Reading lessons in Year 1


 Reading lessons are about developing your child's understanding of books as well as their ability to decode the words.   They are an opportunity to share a text together and discuss what has been read.  In year 1, children have 2 whole class reading sessions per week.  


Examples of questions we might ask during a Reading session:

Level one readers


  • Can you point to some text/writing? Can you point to a picture?

  • What is the writing for?

  • Can you show me how to hold the book correctly?

  • Can you show me the front/back cover?

  • Can you point to the title?

  • Can you put your finger where we will start/finish reading on this page?

  • How many words on this page?

  • Point to the HFW word……

  • What might happen next?

  • Can you tell me what this book was about?


Level two readers

  • Can you describe what is happening in this picture?

  • Using the pictures, can you tell me the story in your own words?

  • Can you point to the title?

  • Can you point to a letter/word?How many letters/words…?

  • Can we act out the story?

  • Can you predict what happens next?

  • Is this story like any other stories you have read?


Level three readers

  • Can you point to a word/letter/space?
  • Can you retell the story?
  • How do you feel about the story?
  • Can you act out the story?
  • Who are the good/evil characters?  Why do you think this?
  • Can you show me the front/back cover, beginning/end, page....?
  • Can you predict what might happen next/at the end of the story?