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In our Maths learning we will be working hard to develop 

our understanding of numbers, multiplication facts and calculations.

We will do this through ensuring fluency, problem solving and reasoning.


White Rose Maths


Across the school, we follow an excellent scheme called White Rose. Here is a guide to the lessons Year 6 are covering across the year.

Long Multiplication - Learn in Simple Steps

In Year 6, children are expected to be able to multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number. This video might help - but we really don't mind which method they prefer to use, as long as they get the answer!

Place Value to Hundred Millions Place Tutorial

This tutorial shows the place value of numbers up through the hundred millions place. It also shows how to find the value of each digit. PLEASE NOTE - in Year 6 the maximum number children are expected to read and write is 10,000,000, but I like this video so I have used it anyway.

BIDMAS Revision

In September we will cover order of operations (aka BIDMAS). This video is really helpful! I know the video is addressed to Year 9 students, but presumably this was a revision session. The teacher narrating the video makes it really clear.

End of Y6 ARE (Age Related Expectations)