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Home learning

Year 2 Homework



Each week, spelling homework is assigned via SeeSaw

The spelling lists are made up of two types of words:

-  Some of the spellings follow a particular pattern or rule.

- Some of the spellings are year 2 common exception words which we will be useful for our learning at the time.



Maths Homework

This is assigned weekly via SeeSaw.

It will be linked to what children have been learning that week or it might be revisiting a concept that children have found tricky.

Creative homework

Each half term, a new menu will be assignment via SeeSaw. 

Children are welcome to complete one, some or all of the creative tasks at any point throughout the half term.



Catch up  - Keep up

Each week, lessons we are teaching in class are uploaded to SeeSaw.

This is for the children who are accessing work from home due to COVID-related isolating.

You are most welcome to work though this if your child if finding a concept tricky, even if they have been in school.

Educational websites and games 

Below is a list of useful websites that your children could play at home to further support them with their learning and development.