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English is taught daily where lessons include a mixture of speaking and listening, book talk, drama, reading and writing. 


In addition to this all children have a daily phonics session where they are grouped according to their stage in development.  In these sessions we focus on learning how sounds(phonemes) make up words and how these sounds are represented as letters (graphemes).





The Year One Curriculum



Pupils are taught to:

  • apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words
  • respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes (letters or groups of letters) for all 40+ phonemes, including, where applicable, alternative sounds for graphemes
  • read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words containing graphemes that have been taught
  • read common exception words, noting unusual correspondences between spelling and sound and where these occur in the word
  • read words containing taught graphemes and –s, –es, –ing, –ed, –er and –est endings
  • read other words of more than one syllable that contain taught graphemes
  • read words with contractions [for example, I’m, I’ll, we’ll], and understand that the apostrophe represents the omitted letter(s)
  • read books aloud, accurately, that are consistent with their developing phonic knowledge and that do not require them to use other strategies to work out words
  • reread these books to build up their fluency and confidence in word reading