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Supporting Your Child Through Difficult Times


We have a Pastoral Team to support the emotional well-being needs of our pupils. These are deployed by the SENCO Team after a referral from Parents/Carers, Staff or initiated by the child themselves. We have a range of emotional support interventions that can be delivered by trained staff. Sometimes we recognise that pupils need more specialist support and for this reason we employ a Specialist Child Counsellor one day a week. 


Please use your child's Class Teacher as the first port of call but if you would prefer to contact a member of the Pastoral Team, please find the details below. 


Wendy Soar: wendy.soar@ladybrookfha.org

Catherine Beaumont: catherine.beaumont@ladybrookfha.org

Laura Canning: laura.canning@ladybrookfha.org

Rita Wright: rita.wright@ladybrookfha.org




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