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English is taught daily where lessons include a mixture of speaking and listening, book talk, drama, reading and writing. 


In addition to this all children have a daily phonics session where they are grouped according to their stage in development.  In these sessions we focus on learning how sounds(phonemes) make up words and how these sounds are represented as letters (graphemes).


Word Reading

By the end of Year 1 children should be able to:

  • Apply phonic knowledge and skills to reading words
  • Know the phase 5 phonics graphemes (letters or groups of letters) by sight 
  • Read accurately by blending these sounds
  • Read common exception words (tricky words)
  • Read words ending in -s, -es, -ing, -ed, -er, -est
  • Read words with more than one syllable
  • Read words wit contractions (I'll, I'm, we'll, etc)
  • Read books aloud
  • Re-read books to build up confidence and fluency